Homesway 3d vr head -mounted Display headset Glasses RK3Plus Virtual reality mobile Phone 3d movies for iPhone 6 s/6 plus Samsung Galaxy s5/s6/note4/note5 and Other.7-6.0 Cellphones. Scroll up to the highest and click on Add to cart so youll be able to have your personal private virtual reality expertise! Compatibility the visionCast vr headset is appropriate with all 4 6 inch smartphone screens together with iPhone 6 /6s/7/Plus/5/5c/5s and Android telephones. 3d vr glasses, Amicool 3d virtual reality headset Adjust Cardboard Video movie game box for Apple iphone 6 6S Plus 5s se 5 and More Smartphones Black. 3d vr virtual reality Glasses headset for iPhone samsung lg huawei with Remote.89. wide compatibility : Comfortably fits iPhones, android phones, windows phones with a screen size within.0 -.0 inches ( remove the eva mat if the phone's size is larger than.0 inch). Zikon 3d vr headset Glasses Virtual reality mobile. The headset works phenomenally well and is the best 3d virtual reality headset I have purchased to date.

virtual reality headset for iphone 6 plus

Features : you will not feel visual fatigue and dizzy even you use long time with the resin lens. The 3D Glasses is made of abs and spherical resin lens materials without stimulation plastic sheet that is environmentally friendly, fully enclosed designed. The distance between the phone and the lens design can be adjusted so that it suits for people with different visions. Secret images, other people can not see anything except to the wearer himself. Convenient to use for watching at anytime anywhere whether sitting, lying or standing. Universal, compatible smartphone :. Android devices : Samsung S3 S4 S5 S6 S6edge S6edge note2 Note3, note4 Note5 Blackberry, sony, htc, etc. Ios devices : iPhone 4/4s, iphone 5/5s, iphone. 7, iphone 6 Plus. Package Includes : 1 x 3d virtual reality headset; 1 x User Manual; 1 x Cleaning Cloth; Sold by pasonomi us store, pasonomi is a registered trademark protected by us trademark law. Head mounted Displays, wearable tech, android.

virtual reality headset for iphone 6 plus

IPhone 6, plus, virtual, reality, headset

Note : you will randomly receive two different logo of the dandruff vr headset from our company, pasonomi and vox, as we are adjust the brand recently, the fuction and quality are the same, please rest assured to use. You can return or replace at anytime for this product. Lifetime warranty is promised! This new 3d vr glasses is specially designed for smart phones and can add great effect to the movie-going experience. It can be regarded as your private 3d cinema and bring you great game experience. And, It is easy to use even by haar the youngest children or the old, you just need to put your cell phone into the relative slot of the item. And then, you can greatly enjoy the 3D movies or 3D games. It is perfectly suitable for students, white-collar worker or travelers, etc. Note : The working principle of 3D glasses is via split screen to reach 3D effect.

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The players were easily identifiable, and they were captured by cameras that seemed impossibly close to the court. My biggest gripe was that the video quality suffered from some pixilation; the crispness didnt quite measure up to what i am accustomed from a high-definition television or in person. But vr has its advantages. Most obviously, in the proximity of Intel's panoramic its cameras to key plays. The sideline courtside angle delivered the most Wow moments. Watching transition play from end to end looked like the best video game ever come to life, and the raw speed of the nba game came through even more powerfully in this format than on a traditional broadcast. When lebron James darted into a passing lane for a steal and then took off for a transition dunk, my head rotated sharply to follow him, just as it would have if I was seated courtside in real life.

virtual reality headset for iphone 6 plus

One nice touch for stat nerds and fantasy players: Box scores are built directly into the viewing experience. All I had to do was look to the far left or far right of the court to load up a list of points, rebounds and so forth. Similarly, looking up displayed a scoreboard with time remaining. Prior to this product test, i had only limited experience with. My first impression of the nba in vr was a bit jarring: The players looked like superhuman video game characters, the level of visual control was intimidating, and the action seemed faster than a typical nba game. My eyes and brain caught up within about 10 minutes, and the familiar tnt production value helped with the acclimation process.

The commentary was a little sparser than a traditional tv broadcast, which allowed the arena noise and atmosphere to shine. The playoff intensity inside Clevelands quicken loans Arena was palpable: the screaming dj, the anxious fans, and the nonstop music all filtered through the headset experience. The nba in vr wasnt the same as real life, but it was remarkably life-like. Déjà vu hit hard once i cycled to the suite-level camera, as it was located extremely close to my media seat for last years nba finals. As someone who watched hundreds of games this season, i enjoyed seeing the game from nontraditional angles and with such flexibility.

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The viewing Interface, as soon as the bier game started, it became clear that I was watching a full-on production rather than a sideshow. Think of the nba in vr like tnts dorkier younger brother: There were tnt graphics and highlights, tnt-quality intro videos, and well-known tv commentators in kevin ray and Sarah Kustok. The centerpiece of the production was the vr cast mode that featured a director controlling the action by alternating between camera angles and cueing up replays. Just like a traditional tv broadcast. I was also able to select my own camera angle, choosing between Intel panoramic cameras stationed at courtside fitting on the sideline, on each of the two basket stanchions, and on the suite level at the back of the lower bowl. The following video clip shows Minnesotas Karl-Anthony towns dunking from the basket stanchion angle. Importantly, each of these camera angles—including the vr cast mode—are active rather than static. In other words, i could look around the court with my eyes to control precisely what I was watching at any given moment. From the backboard stanchion camera, i could pan from the left corner all the way to the right corner at any given moment, regardless of where the ballhandler was located or what he was doing.

virtual reality headset for iphone 6 plus

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Getting started involved four quick steps: 1) fully charging the phone, 2) connecting the phone to my wi-fi network, 3) downloading and installing the Oculus vr and nba on tnt vr apps, and 4) opening the nba on tnt vr app so that I could. At that point, the phone prompted me to switch over to the headset, so i attached the galaxy S7 to the gear vr headset using the phones power slot. The phone snapped snugly into place. I adjusted the headsets Velcro strap to fit my head, turned the top dial to sharpen the image, and used the phones side-button controls to turn up the volume. Within minutes, i was ready to launch the app, which loaded in roughly 20 seconds. A straightforward content menu popped up, including an archived version of Golden States Game 2 win over San Antonio, a live broadcast of Clevelands Game 2 game against Indiana, archived content from All-Star weekend, and a listing of future games that will be broadcast. I found the apps hands-free interface to be very intuitive: I directed a cursor with my eyes towards one of the options—the live broadcast—and the app loaded it in short order.

Underlying most of the online pushback was, frankly, a lack of knowledge. What does the nba in vr even look like? How could it possibly be useful to a broadcaster like miller? To explore those questions, i donned a headset and put the nba in vr to the test during Clevelands Game 2 win over Indiana on Wednesday. Heres a full review of how it went from unboxing to the final buzzer. Note: Intel provided the phone and headset used for this product review. Getting Started, for this product test, i used a samsung Galaxy S7 phone (469) and a, gear vr oculus headset (129) in conjunction with my cable tv subscription and 5G home wi-fi network. Much to my chagrin, the nba in vr is not currently cranberry available for Apple iphones.

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When tnt color commentator Reggie miller, seated courtside, donned a virtual reality headset while broadcasting a warriorsSpurs playoff game this week, basketball Twitter predictably lit up with questions and skepticism. Isnt the point of vr to have the feeling of being in the arena? Another opined : Marveling at vr while *at the game* really rings hollow. Theres no way the vr can surpass the experience of actually being courtside. Millers stunt, of course, was blatant product placement. After all, the nba, turner Sports and Intel launched a new vr partnership earlier this season, airing seven games in vr during the regular season and at least 12 more during the playoffs. As the new technology has yet to achieve mainstream acceptance, using a hall-of-Fame talent to market the gizmo in front of a large and captive national tv audience was a corporate suits dream scenario.

Virtual reality headset for iphone 6 plus
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