If your hair is the orangey bright red it will take the dark blonde/brown shade and make your hair a beautiful natural looking shade. I did this last year and it worked perfectly. I kept it for about 6 months before i went back blonde, then eventually platinum, again. My hair turned out to look like this after one box. This is the color i am sticking with for now and hopefully when it starts fading it doesn't require me dying it again heh. So if I confused you, i am sorry and hopefully this will help you.

brown to platinum blonde hair was an odd application squeezing the foam from the bottle instead of pumping. It didn't change my hair color at all which is okay for me because i love the auburn.  However it is 10bucks and that's totally a lip gloss I could have bought.

2.If you live near a sally beauty or beauty supply go buy protein Pack for chlorella your hair and use it a day or 2 before you plan on dyeing. 3.Going darker won't kill your hair as much as going lighter will but it still isn't filling your hair with sunshine and sprinkles. 4.Going from blonde to dark blonde sounds easy peasy, but it is a 2 step process. 5.you must first go red to add the brassy red tones back to your hair that you have worked for years to get rid of with all your might. 6.I bought a dark auburn hair dye, if you aren't wanting dark brown hair please buy a fire Engine red hair dye almost orange because you cannot lift dark brown hair with a box without bleaching. So for light brown hair or dark blonde buy bright red,fiery red, orangey red hair dye for your first step because you can make it darker so don't worry. I left the auburn dye on my hair for 40-45minutes starting with my ends because they are more damaged and get less oils. I completely saturated my ends and then worked my way up, i also added a little water to the empty bottle of dye and rewet my ends after about 10 minutes. The ends of my hair don't like to take color because they are a little more dry than the rest of my hair. (Hayley williams of Paramore is the example for orangish hair not my photo-no copyright intended ) (you want it to be this shade to get the brassy tone back into your hair preferably without the highlights but its okay it will give your hair depth. En pick out a box of hair dye that your desired shade, my original shade was Medium Blonde 8 by Clairol Nice and Easy color Blend foam.I fell in love with my auburn hair but thought let me just try this foam and see.

brown to platinum blonde hair

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I am not a professional, i am just an at home hair do it yourselfer so please take this as what worked for me and only, only try this if you have experience with what works on your hair. First I started out with Platinum almost White hair that has been dyed from a box this shade for years. I am however naturally a dirty blonde so my roots were gain being touched up every 3 weeks. I use to have long thick dirty blonde/dark blonde hair forever, until I got the bleach blonde urge. I wanted to give my hair a rest and dye it back to it's original color and just let it be for hopefully the next few months. Here is what worked for me going from platinum blonde to dark blonde or light brown at home.(This is the process to get light brown or dark blonde, i fell in love with my hair much darker when I dyed it so i kept the. Just start this process like you hadn't dyed it and this will save your tresses. Ndition your hair for a week leading up to this process you don't want your hair to break off.

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How to go from brown hair to platinum blonde (at home). Sorry for not including how I got the bluish hair but for anyone that want´s to know i used the revlon Nutri color Creme in Turquoise diluted with. 8.) Platinum Blonde highlights. You can simply go for the platinum blond hairstyle. 20 Blonde Ombre hair Color Ideas (Red, Brown and Black hair ). 15 Best Known Chestnut Brown hair. How to get Wet look scrunched hair? Dark brown to platinum blonde ombré beauty - hair Ombre. 60 Best Ombre hair Color Ideas for Blond, brown, red and.

brown to platinum blonde hair

This is really among the funkiest hairstyles that you can opt for. 13.) White hair with Dark Blue Ombre. If you want to be funky at college then you should try this look for sure. You can get a darker shade of blue color ombre. This look is really stylish and ravishing.

14.) reverse Platinum Blonde Ombre, you can also go for the reverse platinum blonde ombre. This is a little different but attractive look that you can try to get change from your old and monotonous hairstyle. 15.) White Ombre platinum Blonde and White hair. You can also try the white ombre look as a change. This ombre goes well with black hair. If you want to style your hair simply in a charming way then go for this look.

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If you have jet black hair then you should definitely try the platinum blonde highlights. Black hair work as a perfect base for highlights and thus the look appears more appealing and stunning. 10.) White with Pink Ombre, this is also one of the fanciest looks that you can get with white hair. Pink ombre looks great with white hair and thus gives you a perfect Barbie doll look. 11.) White hair with Dark roots.

You can also go for white hair with darker roots. If you want to be different from others but in a simple way then this is the perfect style for you. 12.) Platinum Blonde and White hair Ombre. When we are talking about platinum blonde and white hair looks, then you can get a unique hairstyle as well. You can get a new look by mixing the two. Try a pop platinum blonde and white hair ombre.

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6.) keep it Simple White, if benen we talk about types of platinum blonde and white hair then this is the simple way to style your hair. Just keep it simple from roots to tips and flaunt your simplicity. 7.) Platinum Blonde balayage look, this is the simple but is one of the gorgeous looks that you can try. With layered hair, this look appears more stunning and eye-catching. 8.) Platinum Blonde highlights. You can simply remedies go for the platinum blond hairstyle. Here the highlights get mixed with your natural hair and look really charming if matched with your hair. You can go for the permanent highlights after testing the temporary ones. 9.) Platinum Blonde highlights on Black hair.

brown to platinum blonde hair

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If you are a party lover then you should definitely try this look. 4.) Platinum Blonde Ombre, this is also one of the most ravishing ways of making your hair more eye-catching. From a wedding gown to the dance floor look, this hairstyle suits every dress and outfit. You will also not hesitate at carrying this look to your office. 5.) Grey ombre with Blue top. If you are a fun kopen loving girl then this is the best hairstyle to express yourself. White ombre with blue top really makes your hair appear ravishing and glamorous.

When we talk tabletten about platinum blonde and white hair then this is the perfect look you should go for. 2.) Platinum Blonde with Darker roots. This is another cool and cute way of styling your hair. Darker roots help highlight the platinum blonde more nicely. When you go for solid platinum hair then your hair may appear thin. In that case, you are advised to go for darker roots. 3.) The party silver Platinum Blonde and White hair. When we talk about different party platinum blonde and white hair then this is the most fantastic way to style yourself. Be party ready with this beautiful white hair that has silver touch.

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This article is about types of platinum blonde and white hair. Many people want to get a lighter shade of hair. And, when we apotheek talk about the lighter shade of hair, platinum blonde and white are the trendy types that you can go for. These two funky looking colors can really add to your beauty and styles. The best part about these colors is that you can you can use it differently on different cuts and styles. In this article, we are going to discuss different types or platinum blonde and white hair that you can go for to style your hair. 1.) Short Bob, this is one of the most stylish platinum blonde hairstyle that you can go for. Short bob is a smart look for you if you want to go back to your teenage.

Brown to platinum blonde hair
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